Ancient Alien Technology and The Quantum Singularity

Think to yourself, I have two paths before me. Mr. Heiman is trying to explain a concept to me in a way I can understand. I could stop reading now or I could continue on in a hope that I might understand. Matthew Heiman shares his world openly and freely to all that have the courage and strength to try to understand that he is for what is right.

“Paper, pen and ink”

I might appear to be

All of which, you can see

The word crazy you might think

But I will fight this war with

                Paper, pen and ink

Please forgive our dust? We are working hard to give you the most updated weapons consisting of words, which if printed out would consist of paper, the computers pen and ink, to help fight the effects of global climate change. So, have faith in your understanding of this life and know that everything will be alright. This is one of the reasons I was born on this planet in this country. I am here to
help the people of our world move forward into the Singularity in peace.