Ancient Alien Technology and The Quantum Singularity


2019-11-24 1:07 pm EST  I had the thought that there are a lot of people out there that would like to understand the thoughts of the life form from the other side.  We all could know the thoughts of those from the other side. But we must be very careful for there are two paths to choose from and the choice is not quite plan to see.   so we must understand that the easy way might not be the proper path to choose.  I will offer you a warning because it is your life we care so much for.  Thanx and have a nice day.

“Paper, pen and ink”

I might appear to be

All of which, you can see

The word crazy you might think

But I will fight this war with

                Paper, pen and ink

2019-11-25 Monday 8:45 am EST. Here we need to talk about two different things that could end the way we live our lives. First is he guilty of Treason and second is our world that we need so very much.
More than we might know. All else will pail in consideration if we do not have a planet to live on.  So, You have a task should you choose to take it a pon your self.  look up the definition of Treason and then think is he guilty of it? And we know that this time is for the true patriot and we must understand that this is the way that some things must go before our population will understand that yes Treason must claim our rights. Here we would like to take you on a trip that is part of the light fantastic.” And youmust ask yourself "Will my children kive a better life then I?" If you do nothing they will not.